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Esha Gupta posts yet another racy picture and we are not sure if internet can handle any more!


You thought Esha Gupta was done with you? Haha. Silly you! Take a look at her latest Instagram post. The sultry diva is continuing with her series of hot pictures. For the past few weeks, fans had been drooling over her pics -in which she appears in her lingerie or semi-nude. She has grabbed the attention of the entire country, and in her own admittance her follower count has increased dramatically overnight. The count is only bound to increase as in her latest sexy post, she appears sporting an unbuttoned jacket.

If nothing, this picture is a middle finger to all the trolls who were bashing the actress for posting the racy pictures. As she has said during a media interaction, “To all the trollers, it was my way of showing the middle finger by putting out more pictures. If you have an issue with it, block me, don’t follow me. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t like me, you don’t have to follow me. Instagram is the place where you follow only the people you want to, so don’t follow me,” Well said.