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Gauri Khan welcomes Rani Mukerji with ‘no hair, no makeup and no filters’ – View pic


Gauri Khan and Rani Mukerji met up over coffee and had a fun time. How do we know? Well Gauri’s tweet about the evening surely hints at that. She writes, “Welcome Rani… no hair, no make up, no filters…. coffee with Rani #gaurikhandesigns.” The selfie has both the ladies looking really beautiful. We simply love this picture.

Now this snap has made us wonder as to where is Shah Rukh Khan. You might argue that these two ladies can meet up without SRK too. Yes, they definitely can and we think they often do. Gauri had also visited Rani when she was in the hospital after delivering Adira. The actress must have dropped by at Gauri’s newly opened store and they might have had a whale of a time together. But don’t you think the picture would have looked lovelier with SRK in it? Fine, we are just being greedy here but you have to understand that these snaps are pretty rare. There’s no harm in expecting a bit too much… You can check out the picture right here


Gauri Khan’s friend list is an envious one, we have to admit. She had a great friends-only vacation in NY with Karan Johar and others before she left with Shah Rukh Khan for a family holiday in LA. At the opening of her new store recently, many of her friends turned up and wished her.