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Kamya Punjabi’s topless picture gets deleted! Her reply: Happy Hacking, Happy Hating


Kamya Punjabi is known for her bold personality and bindass attitude. In support of Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ campaign, the Shakti actress recently uploaded a sensuous picture of her bare back with a caption, which read, “They Said that don’t be that woman …The that other woman..the divorced woman .. the single mother woman .. But I am that woman ..Every time I put in my lipstick on, I smile. because I am being true to myself . Whether the world agrees or not I have made my own don’t.. Don’t you ..” However, after a couple of hours, the picture got deleted. People assumed that she might have received a backlash from her fans which is why she decided to take it off.

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But it seems our assumptions were incorrect. Kamya took to twitter on Sunday night and issued an explanation. She claimed that her Instagram account was hacked and added that she has never took off something from her account once posted as she only posts stuff that she believes in. Kamya wrote, “Open the app. Picture has been removed. News articles claiming my unsure mind led to impulsive upload of nudity and hence took it off. Hahaha. Still laughing my guts off. Never posted something I never believed in. Never took off something I once posted. Wore my heart and scares on my sleeves with pride. Happy hacking happy hating.” She even added, ‘I know you know my password’ while using a hashtag for her post.

If this actually is an act of a hacker, then it’s a matter of concern. Earlier too, TV actresses like Sonarika Bhadhoria, Rubina Dilaik, Aneri Vajani and Nia Sharma have been slut shamed for posting bikini pictures on their account, but this incident by far is the scariest. It’s moral policing at its worst. Why can’t they just let us be? Anyway, I just hope that the hacker gets arrested soon.