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Katrina Kaif spotted visiting a skin specialist making us wonder if the May heat got to her – view HQ pics


The sweltering heat in the city is getting the better of us, and it looks like even the celebs, despite their air-conditioned confines, are not exceptions to the rage of the May Sun. We spotted Katrina Kaif visiting a skin specialist in Khar, Dr Jamuna Pai. She was dressed very simply in a white T-Shirt with a slogan ‘Tequila Made Me Do It’ (What, Katrina, what?) and a blue track pant, with her hair tied in a bun. So was it the heat or was it something else that had Katrina Kaif, who has one of the most flawless complexions in the industry, visit the skin specialist? As expected, she didn’t smile for the cameras, mostly trying to behave as if the photographer wasn’t there.

Now because we are of a curious mind and internet is cheap these days (thanks to that free data offering service provider, whom I m not naming here because we don’t do free promotions), we decided to Google this Dr Jamuna Pai and got her website. And the first thing we saw a popup that said ‘This summer face the sun with confidence’. So that’s why Katrina is her customer? The doctor is a pioneer in cosmetology, and her clinic offers various treatments like laser hair reduction, ultherapy, advance skin brightening (hmm…nah!), wrinkle treatment, summer care etc. I am betting on summer care, you do your pick!

Here are pics of Katrina at the clinic…