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Kriti Sanon clarifies her relationship with Sushant; but also admits she has not gone on a proper date since long


A lot has been rumoured about Kriti Sanon’s relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput and as rightly so, because the two are often spotted hanging out together. In fact, despite having no professional commitments towards each other as of now, the two continue catching up either for dinner dates, movie or random long drives around the city. Like, you would be really blind if you don’t notice their cutesy chemistry, every time they step out in public. However, Kriti feels this trend of linking up two actors just because they love hanging out together needs to stop.

In interaction with Bombay Times, Kriti with reference to her linkup with Sushant clarified, “Gone are the days when enjoying a movie or dinner with a co-star would be called a date. There is nothing wrong in being friends with your co-actors and if that involves dinners or movies, why not? It’s sad if I stop socialising with a friend, just because people are cooking up stories. I am not answerable to anyone. I would still hang out with my male friends and people can assume anything they like. As for Sushant, I don’t have control over what people talk about us. I have already spoken enough about it.”

But a total giveaway was when Kriti further revealed her romantic side by adding, “I am a romantic at heart. I think most girls are. I love watching romcoms, love stories and I am a diehard Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge fan. However, it has been some time since I went on a proper date. I am the kind of girl who prefers enjoying a meal at home, watching a film in my pyjamas, or walking around the beach instead of going on an expensive date. That way, I am not a high-maintenance girlfriend.” Ahem, you know what you are lacking at, right Sushant?

nterestingly, Neha Dhupia too had recently spilled the beans on Kriti and Sushant’s affair through her GQ rapid fire. Basically Neha was asked what is that one rumour that’s true and she didn’t think twice before saying, “That Kriti and Sushant are seeing each other.” But going by Kriti’s statements, we guess it’s almost like the couple wants to keep it a low key affair with not much said and announced in public. Even when we had met Sushant during Raabta promotions, he with reference to his “public” break up with ex Ankita Lokhande, said, “Now I have decided that if and when I get into a relationship, I won’t discuss it with everybody. So that when the break-up happens, it doesn’t become a public break-up. It remains a personal break-up.

Well, so be it then!