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Twinkle Khanna calls out all the Ram Rahim followers for the havoc caused in Panchkula, compares them to ‘monkey brains’


Known to speak her heart out, Twinkle Khanna has yet again presented a very well written piece on the menace caused by Ram Rahim’s followers in North India. With the verdict of the self proclaimed godman being guilty of rape, his disciples have wrecked havoc with incessant riots in Panchkula and Sirsa. With a casualty of about 30 to 40 dead in Haryana and Punjab, the whole atmosphere i North is toxic. The outburst of the disciples have not only resulted in deaths but major loss of property and injury to innocent lives too. This happened right after Sant ram Rahim Insaan was convicted for the rape charges made on him in 2002. The incident has surely not gone down well with Twinkle (and the rest of us) who, in her regular Times of India column, has condemned the violent act. She wrote, “But ultimately that is their business both literally and figuratively speaking, and I am fine with it. What really bothers me is how we cut open our skulls and hand them our minds on a plate like the legendary delicacy, monkey brains.”

In her column, she also mentioned the whole Kiku Sharda incident wherein the comedian was taken in remand for mimicking the self proclaimed godman, that irked his followers. She wrote, “Anyway, all this monkey business reminds me of a certain cheeky monkey and old colleague, Kiku Sharda who was jailed for mimicking the Love Charger. I think he should immediately go to the nearest Chinese restaurant to celebrate, order a beer and tell the waiter, ‘I don’t want any monosodium glutamate in my Schezwan chicken, you people should lock away your MSG too. Cheers,” she concluded in her typical style. While earlier if Kiku fell in trouble for mimicking Ram Rahim, we wonder if Mrs Funnybones might also find herself in some jail time for talking about what’s necessary.